McQueen Gin Gift Pack

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Produced, distilled, and packaged in Callander Scotland.

McQeens hand charge their ‘state of the art’ still with grain alcohol and botanicals, then distill to produce a uniquely finished gin. No flavour elements are added after the product leaves the still.

McQueens Gins are distinguished by our unique flavours, exceptional quality and distinctive packaging.

Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin, 5 cl, 42% ABV
Chocolate Mint Gin, 5 cl, 42% ABV
Sweet Citrus Gin, 5 cl, 42% ABV
Super Premium Gin, 5 cl, 42% ABV
Mocha Gin, 5 cl, 42% ABV
Smokey Chilli Gin, 5 cl, 42% ABV

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