Ogilvy Vodka 10cl

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Ogilvy Vodka (10cl 40% vol)



Nestled in the heart of Angus, Hatton of Ogilvy Farm reclines across rich land of rare heritage. Tended by the family for four generations, a steading built to last has now produced a Scottish first. Ogilvy’s potatoes grow a short tractor ride from where they’re transformed into vodka. Everything is undertaken on our own farm to form a small-batch local liquor of international quality (they aim for class production rather than mass production). Their singular spirit is warm and welcoming, smooth and sweet. Its neutral essence makes it a great option for cocktails and a natural choice for the gluten-intolerant. Yet it’s a smart pick for anyone wishing to try a vodka that offers purity of palate alongside hidden depths of flavour.

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