Scottish Heather Honey

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Their hives are situated in the four corners of Scotland, tended by their highly experienced team of beekeepers.  In late summer, when the heather comes into flower, the hives are moved to secluded sites all over Scotland’s upland heather moors.  The bees forage on the prized heather, creating their flagship product – a full-bodied, Scottish heather honey.

This thick, enzyme-rich honey, is worlds apart from the insipid, syrup honeys of the mass market.  Scottish Bee Company heather honey is never heated above the temperature which naturally occurs in the hive – this preserves all the natural goodness and retains its’ antibiotic, antimicrobial and antioxidant qualities.

With the wild bee population almost extinct in Scotland, The Scottish Bee Company exists to support Scotland’s pollinator population through the sales of premium bee products.

Also included with your Scottish Bee Company honey is a sample of bee-friendly seeds ready to scatter, so you too can help our bee population thrive.